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Clay Circus is new in town! Opened in September 2002, Clay Circus is a clay art center offering:
  • Clay art and pottery classes
  • Studio space for ceramic artists and potters
  • Firing services
  • Retail sales of low-fire clay
  • Sales of unique ceramic sculpture
and Paint-On-Pottery parties! (Paint-On-Pottery parties can be held either at Clay Circus or at your home or business. Please call for more information.)

Clay Circus is operated by Laura J. Hammond. Laura, a Wisconsin native, trained in Ceramic Arts at the University of Washington in Seattle, and recently returned from New York City, where she co-founded a ceramic art gallery and group studio. A ceramic artist since 1992, her work includes both sculpture and fine art pottery.

Directions: East of Stoughton Road (Hwy 51), off of Pflaum Road, on Madison's east side. Exit north on Highway 51 off the Beltline.
2509 Seiferth Road, #5
Madison, WI  53716
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